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AMA history

AMA is headquartered in the Dutch city of Amersfoort, a mid-size city in the heart of Holland. We, as the Amersfoort Milk Association (AMA), honour the milk factory Amersfortia founded in 1920 in Amersfoort to make a tribute to the people of Amersfoort and the staff that used to work here.

In 1968 the milk factory Amersfortia was purchased by the CMC-Melkunie after it, together with a few other companies, fuse into Campina and Friesland Campina still headquartered in Amersfoort.

AMA is focused on premium infant formula as we try to continue the legacy and commitment of previous generations. We combine this legacy with state-of-the-art techniques and global expertise of the Dutch dairy industry, which enjoys global recognition for its very high quality and safety standard.

1920: Foundation of Amersfortia Milk Factory
1968: Purchase of Amersfortia Milk Factory
Present: Wide range of high-quality organic infant formulas.