Production and facilities



Producing infant formula is a complicated process that requires strict food safety measures. All of our produced infant formulas comply with the safety standards as set by the COKZ, the Dutch dairy authorities.

Product safety, hygiene and quality are Holland Milk's top priorities when it comes to producing infant formulas. All our processes and procedures, both administrative and on the production floor have these priorities in mind.

In a closed powder transport system are magnets, filters and metal detectors to prevent any possible signs of contamination. All incoming and outgoing raw materials and end products are microbiologically tested. A selection of every batch will be tested for the remaining oxygen levels. The production is certified to pack under the E-norm.

All this guarantees that Holland Milk can supply products with COKZ verification and our products have HACCP, BRC and GMP+ certificates. We have been able to supply SKAL certified organic products for many years.